SMKNet RemIT application was designed mainly with small and middle-sized companies in mind.

It allows an IT support specialist to DIRECTLY ACCESS a computer via Internet, independent of any blocking devices between the IT workstation and the supported computer.
The only true requirement is for both sides to be able to connect to the Internet. The rest is taken care of by RemIT application.

RemIT emphasizes the simplicity of service (SOS), that's why the general user manual can comprise of just 3 items:

  1. Start RemIT desktop application
  2. From the window that soon pops up on the desktop, get the user id (upper field) and the password (lower field)
  3. Pass the information to your support specialist

To read a more thorough manual, please see the Documentation

We also provide RemIT on Premise, or RemIT (self) Hosted implementation types, which give you a remote access server totally under your control. For details, please look into Support.