Build 1.1 - 30.05.2018

  • upgraded TigerVNC component versions the the newest stable available 1.8.0
  • improved the way ID and password are generated
  • fixed the way client text field values are validated
  • certified RemIT installer and executable files
  • added notification about RemIT updates
  • added message in case of RemIT server being unavailable
  • added "About" option to tray icon

Build 1.0 - 20.04.2018

  • added an option to stop the service from RemIT tray icon
  • added an option to save own ID and password
  • improved the way RemIT components are closed on clicking "Stop RemIT" from RemIT icon
  • fixed multiplied RemIT icons appearing in the tray
  • fixed background connection confirmation window problem
  • added context menu with Copy / Paste options to the text fields
  • added some new options to the installer
  • fixed displaying of Polish fonts in the application installer

Build 0.2 alpha - 04.2017

  • switched tunnel to OpenSSH-based
  • Polish language version added
  • added an administrative version that allows for various administrative tasks
  • changes in debug logging way and destination (temp user path)
  • splitting a complex connectToHost function to several simple ones (speed improvement)
  • creating an application installer based on Inno Setup

Build 0.1 alpha - 02.2017

  • version based on TigerVNC 1.7.1
  • the tunnel between parties based on OpenVPN