Here you can download the application's installer that you need to run on your computer aterwards.
The application runs under Windows. Might also work for Linux under Wine, but it's highly untested.

WARNING! Until we get certified with Microsoft Smartscreen, it may be necessary to choose the "More info" and "Run anyway" options just after starting the installer.

You can DOWNLOAD version 1.1 below ↓↓↓

Security note! - never download RemIT installers from any other source but this website, as anyone can forge a file that is called and looks like the real thing, but it might be something nasty in fact. So - best you pay close attention not only to the link displayed on the website (like the one you can see above), but also to the link that is displayed (usually at the bottom) by your browser the moment you hover the cursor over the download link. When they match and you're sure you want to visit / download the destination - you can safely proceed, the risk is minimal. That's a general computer security rule, worth learning.


You can find the changelog HERE