RemIT is available for free without any connection quality warranty, on first come first served basis, as the power of the servers we provide and sponsor ourselves, is limited.

That's why we offer you a private version of the service, with your own server, unique credentials and completely safe access channel.

You can use the free version as a "Trial" license, and then contact us to discuss On Premise or Hosted installation. That would greatly improve your sense of security, as there's nearly no way of data leak, as the only data coming and going in and out of the server is the data sent and received by RemIT client installed on your employees computer and only between the client's computer and the server. There's no third party server listening in on the communication.
It's also very convenient, as the server is left under your own care and nobody, apart from your company and clients, can access RemIT service that works on it.

The price for launching such client-controlled server is discussed individually, depending on the configuration of the service and any additional requirements, like redundancy or high availability.

In these and also other matters connected to our service, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.